About Us



Caregivers 911 Foundation, Inc. has been established to be informative and resourceful for “CAREGIVERS”. Caregivers 911, Inc. will inspire, encourage, motivate and educate the individuals responsible for the care of other individuals who is terminally ill or has a life-long illness.  Caregivers 911, Inc. goal is to give the caregiver outlets for themselves to maintain their health, spirituality and mental stability.  Caregivers 911, Inc. will also provide educational resources for the caregivers. These services will include health fairs, seminars, and classes to broaden their knowledge of what they are dealing with. 

  • Caregivers 911, Inc. has identified and will focus on "ADOLESCENT CAREGIVERS".  Caregivers under age that is taking care of a family member and/or loved one that is unable to take care of themselves. Caregivers 911, Inc. will assist the ADOLESCENT CAREGIVER with their responsibilities such as respite care so they can continue their education and participate in adolescent activities. Assist them with chores, provide them with food services and/or provide cooking classes for the special diet the person they are taking care of needs and transportation to doctor's appointments, grocery stores etc.

Caregivers 911, Inc. will conduct seminars and workshops for caregivers. This will provide caregivers information on illnesses, treatments, precautionary measures and ways to handle emergencies. Caregivers 911, Inc., will also have fundraisers and other events to financially assist caregivers unable to pay for even the minimal resources they need.